Internet Safety for Kids

Elementary Teacher Resources

FBI-Kids Safety

This is a great website provided by the FBI with short tutorial for kids about internet safety. It also includes other information such as what to do if a stranger approaches you and what to do if you see a gun.
Safety pups Colby and Shirley will guide you through safety tips!

Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet

This YouTube video is an entertaining, kid-friendly video that would be great to share with students!
Faux Paw's Adventures in the Internet

Kidsnewsroom's Tips on Internet Safety

This website provides a simple list of internet safety rules that should be talked about with students.

Posters for Internet Safety

Internet Safety Games for Kids

Check out these fun games that students can play to see how much they know about internet safety!

Safety Land

Internet Safety Hangman

Wesite with Information for Parents and Guardians

Internet Safety Resources