Minnesota Newcomers

Will you please come to Minnesota

Facts About Minnesota

  1. Pig's Eye Landing is the main place in the Midwest
  2. The First Public School Teacher is Harriet Bishop
  3. In 1858 Henry Sibley becomes first governor of Minnesota
  4. Swedish immigrant Hans Mattson arrives in Minnesota
  5. In 1855 First bridge in MN Over Mississippi River opens in St. Anthony
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Land of 10,000 Lakes and Rivers

Fort Snelling

Fort Snelling is important because it helped fur traders keep protected from british fur traders.

Harriet Bishop

Harriet Bishop was the first Minnesota school teacher in Saint Paul. She wrote a book called Floral Home First years in Minnesota. She wrote it to tell about her life in Minnesota.

Ox or Steamboat

I would take a ox because it would pull people in a wagon across the country to Minnesota From the East coast. Or steamboat because you could travel in the oceans and lakes in Canada.

Alexander Ramsey

"Our course more then is plain. The Sioux indians must be exterminated or driven forever beyond the borders of Minnesota."