Taliban Afganistan vs West Values

By: Rinith P., Jennifer S., Yacine I., Jenna S., Kevin H.


The Taliban in Afghanistan versus Western Values


The Taliban took control of the Afghanistan’s government and imposed very strict laws. Men were beaten for shaving their beards and stoned for committing adultery. Homosexuals were buried alive, and prostitutes were hanged in front of large audiences.


The Taliban gained power in 1996 and imposed strict laws in the late 1990's and 2000's


Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq


Basically the Taliban are a group of “traumatized” students from over a decade of war with the Soviet Union in their country. These students studied in Pakistan where they were taught their view of “pure” Islam which is basically the extremist view on Islam and then they went back to Iraq and took over the capital and to this day they continue to fight against America in Afghanistan in order to preserve their harsh law, like shariah law in Iran, in that country.


The Taliban restricted Afghanistan’s religion and culture to only Islam and it was very extreme, causing Western and other values to diminish in Afghanistan.