Electing Eisenhower

  • Election of 1952: Elected as a republican with the hard line VP Nixon
  • Nixon's checker speech appealed to America, showed the potency of television
  • Promised to end the war in Korea
  • Very popular, general and president of Columbia

Cold War contributions

  • Threatened to use Atomic bombs to get an armistice
  • Korea still split between the 38th parallel
  • Vietnam was split at the 17th parallel
  • Suez Canal Crisis- Eisenhower reprimanded Britain and France
  • Diplomacy was attempted at the Geneva convention but ultimately failed

McCarthism Takes over

  • Eisenhower liked harmony, McCarthy was a rubble rouser
  • McCarthy was popular, as was Eisenhower
  • Ruthless in his red-scare accusations
  • Later denounced and de-partied
  • Symbol of using unfairness and fear in a democratic society


  • 2/3 of African Americans were in the south, 20% of them were registered to vote Jack Robinson was the first black big league baseball player in 1947
  • 1944- Supreme Court outlawed the "white primary"
  • Rosa Parks rode on the "white section" of a bus in 1955, signaled that blacks were not content
  • Little Rock Crisis- Students were barred from entering a segregated school, Supreme Court issued the famous Brown vs Board of Education outlawing all segregated schools

Containing Vietnam

  • Nationalist movements were spreading across Indochina
  • Leaders of the Indochinese countries became communist while America was anti-Communist (Ho Chi Minh)
  • French forces were cornered in 1954
  • Eisenhower did not intervene for he was weary of another Korean War
  • United Nations split the countries at the 17th parallel, Communist north, western south

Eisenhower's policies

  • Fiscally conservative, socially liberal
  • Small government and protection from socialism
  • Gave control of oilfields to states
  • Operation Wetback- rounded up illegal immigrants
  • Supported the construction of Highways in the Interstate Highway Act of 1956

Space race is initiated

  • In 1957 Russia launched Sputnik, then Sputnik with a dog
  • NASA was established, the space race kicked off
  • In 1958, the National Defense and Education Act (NDEA) was passed and loans were given to colleges for science courses