SEAL Team Six

Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin

"As action packed as a Tom Clancy thriller... harrowing... adrenaline laced."- The New York Times


Howard E. Wasdin was a member of SEAL Team Six in 1993. The main conflict is the Battle of Mogadishu of 1993. Also having to take down the warlord of the militia in Mogadishu.

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I love how action packed the book is and how Wasdin talks about how he started at the bottom and rose to an ELITE level in the military."- Coop Money International

This book is about former SEAL Team Six member Howard E. Wasdin. It talks about his personal memoirs and his personal life. It also talks about his training in BUD/S. Also he talks about the Battle of Mogudishu of 1993
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