Paw Prints

Norfolk Junior High

By Sydney Drahota

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks May broke into the Teddy Bear house. A few charges have been made after investigating the house. She claims there was a murderer chasing after her. The police don’t think the story is true. After running about three blocks without stopping, she said there was a house she could stop and hide in. She saw Baby Teddy Bear’s chair and sat in it, but then it collapsed under her weight. The police say she has to repair it or buy another chair for Baby Teddy Bear.

“I was hungry, so I tried their blueberry pudding they had on the table. I was also tired, so I tried every Bears’ bed, and I quickly fell asleep in Mother Teddy Bear’s bed. I only wanted to try it out,” said Goldilocks. She will be charged with destruction of property and breaking into a house when she didn’t have permission. She will be charged up to $250.

Motivational Ad

Survey Says...

What's your favorite animal?

A. Dog- 9 = %36

B. Panda - 4 = %16

C. Dolphin - 5 = %20

D. Giraffe - 1 = %4

E. Dragon - 6 = %24

Favorite App: Netflix

You can get a free trial for the first few months, then you have to pay after the trial ends. To watch movies on Netflix, you have to order movies by mail or use your gaming system, such as a Wii or Xbox. It costs $8 a month, so you can watch unlimited movies. There are different genres of movies, such as drama, horror, comedy, and more. There are new movies, and old movies that you can choose from. Netflix is a great app for people who love movies!

Movie Review: Chronicle

chronicle trailer HD


Three teenagers at a party discover a hole that leads underground. They weren’t very smart, and went down, unsure of what was under there. One of the teenagers, Andrew, had a camera, and filmed it all. They saw an icy blue and red object, and when they heard a loud booming sound, the camera failed, and their super powers were discovered. They were able to throw objects without using there body, and even float. Whenever they used their power against the rules they made, their noses bled unless that person stopped.
Andrew was so depressed because of his abusive father, that he flew into the sky during a storm, and Steve followed, but unfortunately, Steve was struck by lightning, and he died. If Andrew knew how bad he had used his powers, he would have stopped, but he didn’t. He was injured and taken to a hospital, where is father came and told him to apologize for all he did, but he grabbed his dad’s hand, and it became worse. He merely destroyed the city, and killed many people in attempt to get his revenge over his bullies. People fell out of buildings, fires started, and building toppled. Matt, his cousin, ended his life with a statue's spear to his heart. The hole was soon after covered. Chronicle is a thriller for everyone who loves superheros and super powers.

Feature Story

Have you ever wondered about how a firework is made and what it contains? There is a tube filled with gunpowder, and it also contains different salts which makes the colors. There is a black steel pipe that is filled with black powder, also known as gunpowder. There are ‘stars’ mixed with black powder and a string attached to the steel tube. You have to light the string, and the fire goes straight to the gunpowder. Once the gunpowder is lit, the firework ignites and the firework explodes. The hardest color to make is blue.

When were fireworks started? The first documentation started in China, long ago. China is also the largest firework manufacturer with 90% of all fireworks coming from China. In 1400, Italy was the center of firework production. The first fireworks started in England at the wedding of King Henry III. Italy was also the first to use shells for firecrackers.

What kind of records were broken and how big were celebrations? A string of firecrackers lasted 22 hours making a New Year’s Day celebration in Hong Kong. Fireworks are a part of celebrating Independence Day. On Nov. 5th, there is a celebration for the failing of gunpowder. The largest firework is 13 kg and was launched in Portugal in 2010. France uses fireworks to celebrate the storming of the prison of Bastille and to celebrate Bastille Day. The largest firework displayed 66,326 fireworks and 56,000 rockets were launched after each other breaking a record.

How are fireworks dangerous? People who create their own fireworks are more dangerous than legal fireworks, because they most likely aren’t put together the same. Half of all firework injuries happen to children under 16. Static electricity in synthetic clothing can ignite. A sparkler reaches fahrenheit up to 15 times more than the boiling point of water! Gloves are extremely advised! Three sparklers put together would equal a blow torch!

For/Against Arguement

I am against the new school system because if there are more hours added to the school day everyday, then it would be nearing supper time, and the school would have to feed the children supper. Adding extra meals means the school has to pay more. Along with the extra hours, when the children get our earlier, the school wouldn’t be able to have sports after school. After the students get home, they would only have a few hours to finish their homework and might have chores to do, then go to bed right away.