Video Game Coding

Education and Salary

Video gaming coding carriers are great because you are able to create video games to entertain people and kids around the world that can assess video games and the current console used to play it. The only trouble with that carrier is if the first couple of games don't succeed then no one will play any games you would make later. But if it succeeds then you can make a very large amount of money. Also even better in the end you can play your game to find bugs, glitches and anything else wrong with the game and in the end you get to play the final version and you get the video game for free. The knowledge you would need to code video games is going to college for at least 4 years of learning the programming languages but to be the head programmer who is payed a lot more you would need 12 years. During the 12 years you would need to learn Visual Art Programming and Audiotary Programming and you would spend the last 4 years to learn programming languages again but for your masters degree this time. The amount of money you receive from programming games is dependent on how much the game costs and how good it sells.
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Definition and Description

The working environment conditions are in at least three or more big rooms with many people in each one. The first room is the Coding where the game is coded then the second room is Audiotary Programming and the third room is Visual Art Programming. Each person in the rooms have at least two desktops that hold about half a terabyte of data and has a very fast RAM (but is not specified how much). The only responsibilities people have is to not be slacking off which does happen every here and there because two very fast computers that hold a lot of data are provided to you in this job it is tempting to play a game every here and there. The tasks that the people have to do is rather code the game to see what would do what. Talk into a microphone and digitally upload it into that part of the game or find music or make your own music for the background, the beginning, and the ending. The visual art programmers have the task to make the art style for the entire game like the backgrounds, the players, the items, the add on's, and etc.
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Benefits and Values Required

The benefits from any coding is you can go on as programming games. You can also go on to make your own games when your older. To be a programmer you need to very smart because in a way it's like learning an entirely different language. Values required to be a programmer is rather 4 years of college of rather Visual Art or Graphic Design which ever you prefer to call it or 4 years of Auditory Programming or 4 years of Programming Languages. But if you want to be a head programmer you would have to go back to college for 12 more years take your major and get your Masters for your major and take the other two (in my case Auditory and Graphic Design) and get a regular degree but if you want to get payed even more get a Masters in those two, too.