News From the Nest

December 14 - 18


This week, students worked on their novel studies with their small groups. We also continued our study on character traits, figurative language, mood, and theme. Next week we will wrap up our fiction unit and take the final assessment on Friday.

In writing, students worked on adding details and figurative language to their fairy tale adaptations. Next week they have the opportunity to finish editing their writing and create a published, final copy with illustrations (if they choose). This will prepare them for their final writing assessment on Thursday and Friday. They will have the option of creating their own fairy tale adaptation or write a narrative story. This is the piece I will be assessing for the report card grades. I'm confident students will show significant growth from last quarter's narrative writing.


This week we practiced multiplication and division properties, as well as pictographs. I will be assessing the students on Unit 1 on Thursday. I have listed several IXL topics for the students to practice. If your child seems to be struggling with the 3rd grade skills, I also listed some 2nd grade skills that address the same skills with simpler numbers. Please encourage your child to practice these topics to increase fluency.

IXL topics to practice:

3rd grade:

Multiplication facts: F.1 - F.10

Multiplication Strategies: E.1, E.2, E.3, E.4, E.5, E.6: G.1, G.2, G.3, G.4

Division Facts: J.1 - J.9

Division Strategies: K.1, K.2, K.3

Pictographs: T.9, T.10

2nd grade:

Multiplication Strategies: W.1, W.2 W.3, W.4, W.5

Division Strategies: X.1

Pictographs: R.8, R.9

Memorizing multiplication facts is crucial at this age. All mathematical concepts from now on will most likely rely on knowing these facts automatically, as well as being able to determine patterns on the multiplication chart. While we will focus on these skills daily, any additional assistance at home in helping your child practice these facts will be extremely beneficial.


This past week was officially dedicated to encouraging kids to dive deeper into coding by designating it as "Hour of Code". Since we had such a short week, third graders will be able to participate in the lab on Monday with Mrs. Sayre learning all about coding and computers. This is sure to be a fun activity for all!

A Few Reminders...


  • Signed Friday Folders due Monday, December 14
  • Reading Log due Monday, December 14
  • Winter Party: Friday, Dec. 18 from 1:30 - 2:40
  • Winter Break: Dec. 21 - Jan. 4
  • STUDENT COUNCIL - Mitten Tree Donations (mittens, gloves, boots scarves)
  • FAMILY in NEED - We are still collecting items for our local family in need. Monetary donations, as well as new toys, are being accepted over the next two weeks.

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