No protection for the poor

The lack of true policing in the poor neighborhoods

No home for the weak

The poor throughout the world exist im continuous poverty not because they lack education but because they lack protection. The poor are in fear of the men tasked to protect them. The police often seize homes, beat men and steal their wages, rape young girls and boys, and bully the poor in an effort to keep them from fighting back. All people face the possibility of being cast into a deeper state of poverty just due to the greed of a random cop.

Rich win

Police make extra money to have a commfortable life by seizing property of poor. The police are in fact under paid and are only slightly better off than the poor of their country. In america we have rules and laws police are supposed to enforce, in many countries around the world rules as well exist that the police must follow, yet they do not. The police can detain a person for as long as they wish, often men do not know why they have been arrested and may not find out for months or years at a time. Do to the criminal activity of the police and law enforcement, no matter how many schools are built and aid efforts are created to aid the poor, there will be no fruition do to the peoples fear of violence that will be enacted upon them.
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