Macaroni Penguin

Natalia Vargas

3 cool facts

1.The females lay 2 eggs the 2nd egg is always larger.

2.The macaroni penguin's are very good climbers.

3.Explorers though these penguins looked like the fancy men and called them macaroni penguins.

Where it lives

The macaroni penguin lives in rocky cliffs on islands in the Antarctic region.


The macaroni penguin's main enemies are the orca, leopard, seals, and fur seals.

Life cycle

First it's a egg then a chick then a junior then a adult.

How it looks like

The macaroni penguin has a black face, chin and back. They have a white belly. Their eyes are red. They have long orange yellow crest feathers at the top of their head.

What it eats

The macaroni penguin mostly eats krill.
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