Module 5 Lesson 13

The Vocabulary Assignment is due today

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To my excellent students

Shout out to Candace, Michael, Ian, Gregory, Vicki, Jacob, Toru, Hannah, and Brendan
who never missed their coaching sessions so far. That shows you are very responsible and motivated students. I hope you can keep it up to the last session.

Japanese Grammar – て- Form of adjectives –

In lesson 13, we will learn how to make the て-form (te-form) of adjectives in order to connect them like “and” in a sentence! In the previous lesson, we learned how to connect verb phrases using the て-form (te-form) of verbs.

As we learned, there are two types of adjectives in Japanese: い-adjectives and な-adjectives and they are used to connect two or more adjectives in a sentence. Here is a example of rule for Japanese て form of Japanese Adjectives below.
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Counting Months: ヶ月 (kagetsu)

The Japanese counter for months is ヶ月 (kagetsu).


I came to Japan four months ago.

This Japanese 2 course ends on May 26th

Japanese 2 has no final exam, but there is a final project. Students will need to work on this project by May 26th. This project should not be put off until the last minute!

The final project is a lot like the Mid Term project where you will create a multimedia presentation using the grammar and vocabulary you learned in lessons 8 - 15. Please read the Final Project rubric carefully so as not to miss any piece of section. If you have any missed assignment, it should be turn in by May 26th to be graded, and afterwards, it will not be accepted after that date.
Lesson 13 Vocabulary Words

You can make you own Vocabulary Words using Quizlet Flashcards to remember all the words with example sentences that I created using the lesson 13 Vocabulary words.

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