Jeanne Watkatsuki Houston

Farewell to manzanar


  • place of birth was Inglewood Ca
  • born on September 26, 1934
  • lived in southern Ca until 1942
  • her family got evacuated
  • she decide to write a story stating how the manzanar experience was

How did the author become inspired to write?

Herself and her husband did what they could to make this book happen. They went trough many of obstucless because the Vietnam was going on around that period of time. Not many people were interested in it they would say. In the end the book ended up being published in New York


Her family got evacuated

How successful was this author during her life time?

Now many students read her books and furthermore it may use as a resource to look back into that period of time

Explain how and why they are still well known today ?

Her book got published so now people are going to be able to look back at her when they are trying to find out stuff about the manzanar

Why is this author considered influential?

she inspires people not to give up because just like she didn't give up she got to publish her book

Indentify 5 characteristics of this author.

  • she has 3 kids a girl and twins
  • well know for her book farewel to manzanar
  • she is still alive
  • she was brave by the fact that she retold her story on a book
  • she studied sociology