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France's Role in the Revolution

France proved to be much more than an ally to the united states during the Revolution. France provided money, troops, supplies, and even formed allies with other European nations to prevent Britain from gaining any allies.

The Intolerable Acts

The intolerable acts, also called the coercive acts, were a series of 4 acts designed to punish the colonies for their tea party in Boston. These four acts would push the colonies even further to revolution.
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Common Sense

Written by Thomas Paine in crisp, clear English, it explained why the colonies should want to be independent from Britain. It was a sensation among the colonies, and Washington had it read to all of his troops
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Boston Massacre

The infamous standoff between British troops and colonists which ended with the death of 5 people is often misinterpreted by many. British troops didn't murder 5 innocent colonists in cold blood; they fired their rifles in self defense after an intense standoff on a cold night.
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Boston Tea Party

In probably the most well known event from pre-Revolution America, Bostonians disguised as Indians dumped 342 boxes full of tea into the Boston harbor. Had this happened today, the total loss in tea would have been nearly 1.7 million dollars.
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