Peer Ministry Summer Meeting Agenda

July 2, 2014

Sign in Via Socrative

Room # CampusMinistry

Every meeting we will begin by signing into Socrative for a brief survey and sign in. This will be used to help keep records for attendance purposes.

Opening Prayer

Prayer Requests

Every meeting at the beginning of the meeting, there will be a form to fill out, for any prayer request you might have. These will be prayed for as a group when we close the meeting with Prayer.
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Review of Previous Meeting - Mr. Alvarado

Meeting notes are available on the Peer Ministry Dropbox folder, please follow along as we review the notes from the previous meeting.

Turn in Contracts and Nomination Forms

Committees and Projects

Freshmen Retreat - Isaias, Roman, Cierra, Stacy, Jose, Krishty, Diana, Gio, and Stephanie.

Opening Liturgy - Dominique, Kim, and ??? (Mr. Alvarado's iPad autocorrected name to Eric)

Bishop's Mass - Lucas and Cierra

Sophomore Retreat -

Big Brother/Sister Program - Cierra, Stephanie, and Rachael

Visiting and Elderly Home - Stacy, Janise, and Diana

Peer Counseling Promotion - Victoria, Krishty, Kim and Dominique.

Weekly Rosary for Intentions - Megan and Stacy

Soup Kitchen/Homeless Shelter - Kim

Committee Break Off

Peer Ministers will break off into Committees to start working on projects, if a peer minister is on multiple committees, choose the one that is the most important or is first on the calendar.

Start establishing a plan of action, and determine your directors. Each group needs to have someone responsible for taking notes and minutes.

Please determine times to meet and plan outside of the planning meetings.

Other Business

Mrs. Pascua and Mr. Alvarado will gather all nomination forms and the chairs will be selected. We will invite each chairperson by phone and we will meet later to establish which seat they will take.

Survey will be sent later tonight with times for a Retreat, or bonding day, to determine best options for a bonding experience before the start of the year.

Closing Prayer