The Cold War


A United States policy to prevent the spread of Communism.

The Iron Curtain

The countries considered being influenced by the Soviet Union

The Truman Doctrine

A United States policy to stop the expansion of communism during the Cold War.

Marshall Plan

An American initiative to aid the European countries by giving them 13$ Billion.

The Berlin Airlift

The Soviet divided Germany into two zones.


Attempted to bring peace among the world.

Korean War

A war where North Korea invaded the South, the US intervened because the North was communist and they didn't want any more communist spread throughout the world.


A policy against un-American activities throughout America.

The Space Race

A race where the United States and the Soviet Union tried to see who could get a man in space first. The Soviet won, but the United States got a man on the moon.

The U-2 Incident

Where an American spy plane was shot down by the Soviet ground forces.

The Eisenhower Doctrine

A policy where Middle-Eastern countries could ask for American economic aid and military aid from American forces by threats from other countries.


The pushing dangerous events to the brink of disaster in order to achieve the most dangerous outcome.

Cuban Missile Crisis

An event where the Soviet Union was supplying nuclear missiles in Cuba.

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Cuban exiles launched an invasion on Cuba and failed miserably.