2014 USA Olympic Figure Skating

Polina Edmunds

What is Single Skating?

Singles skating is defined as a discipline of figure skating which male or female skaters compete individually for the ultimate prize most commonly in the Olympic games.

Sport History

Originating in London in 1908, This particular sport was created to be the best ice-skating program in the world at the start of all sports dealing with ice-skating. It was designed to satisfy the needs of recreational and competitive skaters to take part in major events such as the Olympics. This is also the oldest sport in the Olympic games. In 1850, a guy out of Philadelphia by the name of Edward Bushnell changed the history of skating by using steel-bladed skates which helped skaters move better. Edward Bushnell is most compatible to Michael Jordan, in which whom introduced Jordan gym shoes in the NBA.


USA Today

This article explains Polina's inspiration, and what inspired her to ice skate in the Olympics

Original Article

Polina Edmunds is the youngest winter olympian since Tara Lipinski of 1988 at at 15

Polina Edmunds Interview

This interview provided by Polina Edmunds gives advice to upcoming ice skaters
Olympian Polina Edmunds offers advice for kids who want to ice skate

Live Free Skating from Polina Edmunds

This video provides us with a feel on how Polina Edmunds skates during competitions .
Polina Edmunds | FREE SKATE | LIVE 1-11-14

Polina Edmunds Placing in Single Figure Skating Short Program

Let Her Peers Roar!

Unexpected Greatness is noticed, and glorified by many
"Greatness is sitting right next to you..." USA Olympic figure skater: Polina Edmunds

Polina Reactions To Her Olympic Performance