UG Expeditionary Thursday Update

May 23, 2019

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Physics: Velocity and Acceleration

Students worked through three stations aimed at supporting their Physics PBAT. Station 1 used Motion Detectors to collect data on Velocity and Acceleration. Station 2 used a PHET simulation on Forces. Station 3 conducted background research on automobile collisions.

Ask your child: How do velocity and acceleration affect you when you’re standing on the train?

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Chemistry: Nuclear Technology

Students met with experts who work in various careers that utilize nuclear chemistry / technologies on a daily basis. Their goal was to understand some real-world applications of nuclear chemistry. Students went to one of three locations:

  • NY State Energy Research and Development Authority - experts on policy and regulatory affairs
  • US Navy - officer speaking about all the ways the Navy uses nuclear technologies
  • AMNH - The Dating Game exhibit for radiocarbon dating (Spitzer Hall of Human Origins) and Dating Rocks exhibit for determining the date of various rocks using radioactivity (Gottesman Hall of Planet Earth)

Ask your child: What safety precautions did people take when working with nuclear chemistry?
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Biology: Green Roofs & Bioswales

Students visited various green roofs around the city to learn about their system, in order to design their own for our roof. They practiced drawing schematic diagrams of the roofs -- a skill they will use when developing their own designs for the BCS roof. Here are the locations:

  • NYC Parks Department 5 Boro Complex
  • Kickstarter + Bushwick Inlet Park
  • Kingsland Wildflower + Bushwick Inlet Park

Ask your child: What are some effective design features of green roofs or bioswales (the sidewalk planters around the city)?
Climate Change: Community Activism
Students have been thinking about how we can take action to help the climate. On Thursday, they volunteered at SNAP to Grow Urban Farm and then did a clean-up in the surrounding neighborhood and Calvert Vaux Park. During this ET, students educated others on climate change, and found out what other people know and think about it by interviewing them. After those activities they reflected on the day as well as how to be a climate change activist.

Ask your child: What choices can we make to mitigate the effects of climate change?
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Green Engineering: MPBATs

Green Engineering seniors stayed in school to collect data for their Mastery PBAT.

Ask your child: What is your mastery PBAT about?

About BCS

Brooklyn Collaborative is a NYC Outward Bound School serving students in grades 6-12. We use the EL Education school model, which has its roots in Outward Bound.