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Mutiny in its finest

We bring the heart breaking news of our beloved Caesar's death.Yesterday, the Ides of March, Julius Caesar was brutally stabbed to death during an election by Brutus, Casca and all the other senators. It is said that his last words were “Et tu Brute?” or as translated "You too, Brutus?" says Antony. Brutus, the man Caesar trusted the most, says he had to kill Caesar for he was far too ambitious. “He was a strong man, but a bit ill”. It is believed the senators killed him out of jealousy but Brutus is an honorable man and that alone leaves some doubtful. “Are they guilty” asked a local plebeian. “Me thinks so, Antony showed us what a great man Caesar was and even showed us his will” said another.

A plebeian later discovered the dead body of Cinna the poet who was mistaken for a conspirator.The public claim they attacked him but haven't a clue or a hint to who finished him of. Brutus is stunned that no-one believed the speech he had given the day before"Would they rather be turned into slaves by a tyrant?" he asked. To which Antony replied“You were only jealous of Caesar, you conspirator”. The plebeians remain angry at the senators and continue to raid their homes. This is truly mutiny in its finest.

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Speak Up & Give Advice

  • BrutusTheHonor: Cassius are you sure Caesar is ambition will be the downfall of Rome?
  • Cassius_bad_temper: Of course I'm sure. Do you doubt me my friend?
  • BrutusTheHonor: Fear not I'd rather die than let Rome fall to tyranny.
  • YourAverageRoman: @BrutusTheHonor do not depend on one mans words. You must judge with your own eyes and decide yourself. Do not be swayed easily.
  • Romans-love-good-men: @Cassuis_bad_temper all of Rome thinks you're just jealous of Caesar and are using Brutus to your advantage.
  • BrutusTheHonor: Cassius will do no such thing.

Emma's Daily Advice

I say you should think for yourself Brutus. One cannot completely trust another's words without first seeking the truth. You mustn't let yourself be fooled, put your honor to good use. Cassius, ill tempered Cassius,whenever you have a problem with someone or something the wisest thing to do is to consult them or it. It seems to me that you are scared and do not want to face your problems head on. Hesitation is either a sign of cautiousness or cowardice. Decide which side you're on.


  • Brutanicus, don't get swayed so easily, not everyone you know is trustworthy..
  • Cassiusiness, be patient. If you have a problem, please talk about it. One mustn't let their emotions cloud their judgement.
  • Caesarous, watch who you trust. You must not forget to look down while you have your head in the clouds.You must avoid getting overly confident and calm yourself.
  • Anthonynicius, your strength might be your downfall
  • Plebeianca, you get swayed way too easily. Think before you act or an innocent citizen might get hurt.
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Latest & Greatest!

This week, lovely Calpurnia revealed her latest dress. She decided to get a simple but stylish dress. This lovely dress cost about 400 silver denaruis. The price is cheap considering how soft and silky this outfit looks and feels. It has an authentic look and feels natural on your body. Itchy and rough textures are nonexistent in this article of clothing. Designers say this outfit is guaranteed to make you look up to 35% thinner and more beautiful. Calpurnia's gorgeous outfit has been labeled the best Roman outfit so far.

ghost of caesar spotted?

The alleged ghost of Caesar was spotted yesterday by none other than Brutus. "He gave me a warning!" claimed Brutus as he was interviewed. His servants say they were asked by their master if they had been talking in their sleep. "Me thinks master is just tired and troubled. After all he has lost his wife." says Lucius. The plebeians were having none of that as they still continue to support Antony. Was there really a ghost of Caesar and did he come back to haunt us all?

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