Millbridge Green Team 2019-2020

Parent and Community Newsletter Fall 2019

On October 2nd, Millbridge 2nd Graders Assembled to Start the Green Team for 2019-2020


  • Met the Trash Bag Monster

  • Answered "What is the Green Team?"

  • Identified the problem with plastic shopping bags

  • Previewed the year's planned activities

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Sustainability Project Managers- Elise Landolt and Perri Myers

Our entire 2nd grade class will come together in different ways to help our school, community, and Earth be better places to live.

  • Every 2nd grader is on the team

  • Every 2nd grade class will participate in many activities this year

  • Students will be Green Team leaders for the entire Millbridge Elementary School

  • Students will be responsible for spreading the word of what they learn this year and the importance of GOING GREEN.

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Oh How Healthy!

As part of our healthy eating goal for this year we hope to inspire adventurous, healthy eaters, or at least provide a resource to inspire students to try new things. Jamie will be hosting master classes, assemblies and reach families at the Family Fun and Food Night on Friday, November 15th from 6:30-8:00pm. Try new foods and see how simple cooking healthy meals really is! Your child may even be ready to help choose healthy options from the grocery store.

Overview of the Year

More details to come!

Be sure to check out the Cub Corner, posted every week to the website, or in your email.
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Toy Swap with the Delran Muncipal Green Team


  • Friday, October 18th, 6:30 pm exchange

  • Bring gently used toys and Halloween Costumes and swap for new ones

  • Or to donate, drop off at the Municipal Building and ask for the Green Team. They will recycle your toys and costumes for you!

  • Questions regarding drop off time please email

Millbridge 2nd Graders Plant Spinach

With the help of DHS Horticulture Teacher, Mr. Aaron Fiordimondo, Mrs. Soto's 2nd graders and their buddy's from the high school planted hundreds of spinach seeds today. The harvest will be just in time for the Fitness Food and Fun Night at Millbridge on Friday, November 15th from 6:30-8:00pm.
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Millbridge Green Team through Sustainable Jersey for Schools

The formation of a "green team" is the first step in establishing a school sustainability program. Green teams leverage the skills and expertise of team members to develop plans, implement programs, and assist with educational opportunities that support the creation of a sustainable school. Such entities can go by any name, but the role is the same: lead and coordinate the sustainability activities of the school.

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