Local Gov. of Oldham County

By Tom and Max

How It Works

There are three branches of local goverment Executive, Legislative, and the Judicial branch.

The head if the Executive branch in local government is the Mayor. The Legislative and Judicial branches don't exactly have a leader. What we mean is the Legisltive branch is made up of the senate and house of repesenitives, the head of judical branch is the judges of the Minor Courts. So there wont be any injustice and laws will be benifcal to you.

A Few Reasons On Why To Move To Oldham County

Why you should move to Oldham County is because it is very safe you wont get robbed because we have lots of police on patrol. Also there are well mantained roads for example 42 is very smooth and not bumpy. Also there is very good schools and eduction. Aslo there are good parks for example creesseymayhan is peacful and quiet aswell as nice. if it ever snows alot there are very good snow plow people so your kids or kid will not miss school.

Jobs and Econmic Growth

There are lots of jobs in Oldham County such as be a teacher or work at Hillerds Loins

you wont be over paying on sales tax also you could work at the post office next to the school and be close to your kid or kids so if they ever need to go home if they feel sick you can pick them up very fast and then get right back to work also you could work at tempro petic mattress store or if you want you could work at a restrunt if you want to sevrve food