The long eared owl

by.Dru Maldonado and Kevin Toms

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The long eared owl

this bird is found in north America

Future of owls

In the chapter ''The Future Of Owls'' six main things.Number one what are people dong to owl. Many people are killing owls by cutting down trees,spreading DDT,and spraying pesticides. DDT is killing baby owls bye weakening its shells when they go to roost the mother or father squishes the eggs. People are bringing back owls by banding DDT and not shoot them. Farmers are welcoming the owls into there fields. Because of these three reasons 50% of baby owls die before there one. In conclusion on my summary of owls.

About the Long Eared Owl

The long eared owl lives in the woods areas where rodents are common. and it is a good hunter it has more calls then any other owl in north America. It lays a clutch of 3 -5 eggs. Lays in abandoned nest bye other birds.
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the map of breeding grounds


DDT: Its a type of pesticides that effected bird eggs.

When the bird sits on the egg

Small little animals such as rats chipmunks and volts

A small lay of eggs

Pesticides: Are chemicals that kill animals or bugs and its spread though fields