Cindy piedade

your not the only one project

What years were you in middle school?

1991 to 1993

what kind of music,movies,and fashions were popular at thta time?

the music was Steve B. there wasn't any movies popular at that time. the fashion was the poof in your hair.

what were your favorite activities in middle school?what were your hobbies and intrests?

my moms favorite activities in middle school was volleyball. her interest was cheerleading.

what job/interests/activities do you have now? is there a connect between what you liked back the and what you enjoy today?

my mom works at Dunkin Donuts. there is no connection opn what she liked back then.

what was the best part of being in middle school?

my moms best part of being in middle school was hanging out with her friends.

what was the worst part?

the worst park of middle school for my mom was getting up early to go to school.

how would you describe your middle school self? shy,funny

she described herslef as a shy stundent in school.

what advice about growing up would you give to kids my age?

the avice was to study hard and work hard in school.

Did you like middle school? yes or no

she said she did like middle school she liked it allot.

did you like your teachers?

my mom loved all her teachers she said they were all nice.