Maddi Brown

Athenian Democracy

The world's first Democracy! Only male citizens where aloud to vote. When new laws and policies where drawn up by the 500 elected council members, each law or policy was debated in the assembly every ten days. For each meeting to begin they had to have at least 6,000 citizens present, sometimes they even pulled citizens off the streets. Cleisthenes introduced Ostracism which is when the assembly could exile anyone from Athens who abused his citizenship or disrupted civic life. The classical model of democracy draws its inspiration from the democratic experiments of ancient Greek city states. Citizens where both the rulers and the ruled.

Contributions to American Democracy

In our Democracy today we still use some of the things that the Athenian Democracy used. When there is a lack of representation in a certain area, it is seen as a whole. Back then and even know people feel like they are not being heard when it comes to the laws we have put in place. There was certain age requirements back then and now, to be able to be a judge. The right for citizens to propose and vote on legislation.


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