Lonely Hearts

For a Desperate man Tim

My Story

I am a lonely man who wants a friend

someone who would love for me I

want someone who loves horses and

who is rich and beautiful.

I was always the third wheel on a

date but I never enjoyed it

people say i'm creepy I want someone

who doesn't think that i'm a creep

I saved hundreds of people getting robbed

he robbed me he took my love and now

she is dead forever

Social Life

I will protect my lover no matter what it takes

I never had a girl friend and i never had kids

and I have no friends.

(not counting the horses)

I am a noisy person and I am kind

of stalkish

By:Danielle Humphrey

The Highway Inn

This is the place where I work with my horses

it doesnt look like much but it is the best.