The Wetland Weekly


Trying to Come Up with a Name....

Dear Mill Pond Staff,

Just like an expecting couple informally surveys their friends about name choices for their upcoming bundle of joy, I wanted to get your input on the name for this bundle of joy, formerly called the Weekly Memo. Now while this may seem trivial to many, I think we can all agree that a good first impression is of the utmost importance! So, some ideas that have been kicked around during our nesting process have been "The Pond Post", "The Wetland Weekly" (as seen above), "The Heron Herald", "Mill Pond Memo", and a real crowd pleaser "The most exciting 10 minutes of the week". So, I am requesting your input. I think we will keep this informal, no google forms or anything, and just a quick email with some of your thoughts would be great!

Included in this Issue:

1. BINGO Quotes

2. School Council

3. Mandated Training

4. Upcoming Assemblies

5. MCAS Reports

6. 5th Grade Ipads

7. Red Sox Day

8. Makerspace

9. A New Baby

10. Parent Newsletter

Staff Quotes About Some BINGO Experiences Thus Far...

The Meat:

School Council -

We have two available spots on our school council for teachers. Thank you to Robyn and Phil for their time invested, and now we need to fill their spots. Please let me know if you interested, we would love to have you!

Mandated Training -

If you have not already done so please take the time to complete the districts mandated civil rights training. See the pdf at the bottom and digitally sign the link on the last slide. Thanks, this is due by the end of the month. So why not just do it now? OR later? Your choice. But now would be better. Unless you're hungry, then eat now.

Upcoming Assemblies:

The October 19th Gibbons Skyrise Theater presentation for 5th and 6th Grade has been canceled. It is going to become an alternating year event starting next year.

October 25th - Gabriel Bol Deng for all Three Grades - (See the previous Newsletter for Curriculum Tie-ins and previewing preparation)

MCAS Reports:

MCAS reports have been mailed home to families. Folders with teacher's reports have been placed in mailboxes out Jeff sent out a screencast to help with the analysis of your results. Please see any administrator or coordinator with questions or concerns.

5th Grade Ipads:

5th Graders will be starting to bring their Ipads home as long as they have completed the online sign-offs starting on Tuesday the 16th. There will be a brief assembly in place of homeroom that morning.

The Potatoes:

Red Sox Day

Tuesday, Oct. 16th, 7:45am

6 Olde Hickory Path

Westborough, MA

The Sweet Part:

Luke Micheal Orlando was born on October 4th at 7lbs 2oz. Mom and family are doing great!
Big picture

Thank You and Enjoy Your Weekend!