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With Ms. Cloyd & Mrs. Drayton

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Literacy & SS w/Mrs. Drayton


We have spent a lot of time using reading strategies to make sense of our Reconstruction text. Your child has been using clues in the tex to make inferences and determine meanings of unknown words. Not only are they making inferences, but also going back to the text to back up their thinking with evidence. We are word detectives, using the text as clues to help us have deeper comprehension! In addition to inferring phrases in the text, we work to determine point of view and its effect on our understanding of the story. I hope your child is practicing these strategies at home with their own independent reading books as they read for 30 minutes.

Writing has been so much fun for us! We continue adding notebook entries almost daily. Our focus for this unit is to be able to tell our story from the inside out and being able to relive the experience. We want our readers to feel like they are there with us! Your child had two writing homework entries this week (1) create writing resolutions (2) listen for a record statements that make them want to write.

Word study begins tomorrow! Your child will record several prefixes in their word study notebook, as well as base words that have new meanings when the prefixes are added to them. For example: "re" means again. Prefix+base word= new meaning; re+play= play again; re+construct=build again. Please see your child's notebook for our affixes is week. Our test will be next week. Please see my website under Language Arts and Word Study to see the affixes flash cards.


Our Westward Expansion study will begin next week. We will begin by focusing on the geography and geographical climate of the west. We will review our map skills and label important areas to know for our westward studies. Our reading and history experiences will be intertwined as read about a former sharecropper's journey west for an opportunity at economic and social freedom. This historical fiction text gives us insight into the successes and struggles of trying to settle in the west.

Math & Science w/Ms. Cloyd


Our test is moved to TOMORROW

Continuing with Chapter 1 – Place Value. Our Essential Question is: How does the position of a digit in a number relate to its value?

Strategy 1: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. When presented with a problem, make a plan, carry out the plan, and check for success.

Continue to work with the Learn Zillion Quick Codes from the last two Newsletters.

We will be starting Chapter 2 in math next week with a focus on multiplication


We are continuing our study of Landforms. Next week we will move into the study of landforms under the Ocean. This week we were visited by Dr. Doug. He gave us an overview of what we will “see” during our study.

See our picture below.