Pity for Ocean City

or naw

Ocean City's Sand Depletion

Ocean City and Assateague Island were once a giant barrier island chain, but are now two separate islands. Once the Chesapeake/Potomac Huriccane struck, the inlet was opened. The inlet allowed Ocean City the opportunity to become a stronger port and fishing area. If nothing is done about this problem, the entire island may collapse into the mainland.

Examples of depleted beaches:

Pulverized Recycled Glass Aggregate

Although you may believe otherwise, finely grounded glass feels just like sand on your feet. Many beaches in Florida have already implemented this new method of shore restoration. This method is innovative and environmentally friendly. Eric Myers says, "It's environmentally feasible, you just have to make it ecomically feasible."

Bling Bling Beaches

Recently, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Broward county implemented this method as a way to combat natural erosion. In addition to dramatically slowing the rate of erosion, the amount of glass waste is reduced phenemonally in landfills.

Diagrams and Graphs

This graph indicates that after the Chesapeake/Potomac super storm, the rate of erosion greatly increased. The cross-shore distance expanded after sky-rocketing.