Maddie Hanson & Jessica Cabrera

What is multitasking?

The apparent performance by an individual of handling more than one task at the same time.

Scenario 1

Jessica is trying to write her graduation paper. While she is writing she is on Facebook and Twitter. She is bored out of her mind so she flips back and forth on the websites. Not only is she on social media, she is also texting her friends and looking on Instagram. Maddie texts her and is telling her to look at what this girl said on Facebook. Jessica knows she has a paper to write but she really is really interested in what Maddie said. What does Jessica do? She looks on Facebook. Since she got off task, it took her 3 hours to write the paper instead of getting it done way quicker. If you were Jessica what would you have done?

Ways to Stay on Task

  • lower stress levels
  • be more efficient
  • improve the quality of our work
  • improve your concentration
If you find yourself multitasking, take a minute and stop what you are doing.