SilverSkeans Weekly Update

November 9th-13th

Our class has the spirit!

We have had an exciting time in room 215. With Spirit Week last week, benefiting the United Way of Delaware, we got the chance to wear hats, chew gum, and hit school still in jammies. We had a great time.


We are finishing up with division strategies and will be working for a few days with making sure all concepts from this past unit are well intact. We will be testing in math at the end of next week! There will be review items sent home with students in order to practice. The students were very successful on the mid-unit summative so we are expecting to see some great things on the final assessment.
Today we began some work with kinesthetic activities (body movement) that I believe will help students to recognize patterns between numbers with all 4 operations. The students all got to participate in an activity today and are quick to notice structure and patterns with the work we are doing.
The next unit coming in math will be work with Volume in Rectangular prisms. :)

We finished The Cay!


Students finished the novel we were reading this week. The kids LOVED the book! We will be completing a project based on the novel that uses all the different information we learned about the elements of plot, types of conflict and character actions. As a reward prior to conferences we will watch the film that is based on the novel to make a comparison.

Student Led Conferences

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 8am to Tuesday, Nov. 24th, 7pm

200 East Cochran Street

Middletown, DE

Please make sure to select a time slot and send the paperwork back to school ASAP.


We are working with concentration. We made some Kool aid and sampled it to see what differing concentrations of solute will do to the properties of the solution. We found that solutions will be different in color and strength of flavor.
Today we worked with salt solutions (that we could not taste to find out the concentration level) we used pan balances to compare solutions and the height of the solution in the container to help us make predictions about the concentration.


We are finishing our fictional narratives this week!! Be prepared for a Thanksgiving treat as well!

Pie in the Face

Friday, Nov. 20th, 2pm

200 East Cochran Street

Middletown, DE

Your favorite teachers can't wait to eat pie! Purchase of tickets benefits Leader in Me at SLE.

Upcoming Events

  • November 19th- Thanksgiving Lunch in the Cafe @ SLE
  • November 20th- Pie in the Face & the last day to return field trip funds for the courthouse
  • November 23-24th- Student Led Conferences
  • November 25th-27th- Thanksgiving Break
  • December 7th- Premier Leadership day