One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

About the book

This book is about a man named Ivan that has to go to a labor camp. Ivan went to the mess hall and he took a loaf of bread from there which is forbidden. Later on then there was a check to see if someone had something they weren't supposed to have (like bread from the kitchen). To avoid even more punishment then he hid it in his mattress by cutting it open and sewing it back shut when it was in. He forgot that he had a piece of metal that he was planning on making into a knife and by a stroke of luck then they didn't find it.


Lack of Privacy

They aren't able to have any time to themselves because of the conditions of the camp.

The cold

The super cold temperatures make it hard for comfortability and survival.


The camp goes against friendships and camaraderie.


A Stalinist labor camp in 1951, it is in the winter. It is super cold temperatures and the men work long hours.

I really liked....

When he decided to hide a loaf of bread in his mattress because he put all of that work in for just a loaf of bread.