Sleep Cycle

Waking up groggy is a thing of the past - Serena Han

About Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is a renowned (and free!) app by Northcube AB, made to track sleep and wake users up in the lightest sleep phase of a 30 minute window. The free portion of the app allows users many options, including four nature alarms. Premium users are, however, given even more features, such as sleep trends and sleep notes.
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Pros and Cons

  • There is nothing truly wrong with this app, for it does everything it claims to do and it does them well. My favorite part of this app is definitely the nature sounds that are used to peacefully wake users up.
  • Unfortunately, most of the sleep data is only available to a premium user. Also, when in user, the app MUST be plugged in. An outlet should be close to the user's bed if he or she want to use this app. I honestly can't exactly name something I hated the most.
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Should Students Use This?

When I first found this app on the app store, I thought that it surely wouldn't be helpful to students. After all, I usually wake up at 6:25 am. If the app were to even attempt to wake me up 30 minutes earlier, it would do it in vain. However, I woke up at 6:05 am and didn't feel nearly as groggy as usual. Sleep Cycle is designed to wake its users up in the easiest way possible, and it not only does its job— it does it well. I highly recommend this app to students who struggle with waking up in the morning.
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Personal Information

None, zip, nada, zero. No personal information needed.

Would I Recommend?


I would definitely recommend that others use this app. Though there are many limitation when it comes to the free version, I am fully content with the Sleep Cycle app. I found it easy on the eyes, simplistic (in a good way), and an overall great alarm clock.