Tech Troubleshooting [08.31.17]

Printer "Hold" Issue & Password Change Notes


We recently made some changes to our process and tools for account management. While this will be a positive change in the long run, there is a little bit of clean-up and tweaking to be done in the short term. The notes included here cover the following:

  • Troubleshooting steps for the "hold for authentication" printing error.
  • Step by step walk-thru of password change processes.
  • Additional notes on password changes for students and PC-only users.

These topics are grouped together because there is a lot of overlap between these systems, so it just makes sense to do so.

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As part of our move to automating user identity management your Mac account will be converted from a network to local account.

You should now see an icon like the one above on all MacBooks. The icon represents a piece of software called Nomad, which handles the following tasks:

  • Manages syncing of local (MacBook) account with your network account (ie., the one you use to log into things like e-mail and Campus).
  • Establishes the MacBook's secure connection to our network resources through of something called "tickets" (also referred to as Kerberos tickets).
  • Provides some additional helpful links within the menu when you click on the icon, such as the option to start the "change password" process or a shortcut to your home folder.

If you are having trouble printing (Hold for Authentication) or connecting to other network resources, it is probably because the locally stored password is out of date. Here is how to fix it.

Select NoMAD icon from Menu Bar.

Select Ticket Viewer from the NoMAD menu.

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Remove all current tickets by selecting each from the list and then Remove Identity


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Sign out of NoMAD by selecting the Sign Out option from the drop down menu.

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Sign back into NoMAD. Reminder this is your network/email password.

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Then try to print again. It is recommend that you cancel/clear out any queued print jobs first.

(Credit: Adapted from Colin O'Brien's notes on this topic)

Password Changes/Local and Network Account Sync

This section covers steps for password changes or any change in your account where the MacBook's login needs to be synced to your district account.

We are requiring all staff to do a password change no later than September 20. This is necessary in order to complete the transition to our new system for managing accounts. If you have done a password change any time between the start of June and now, then you should not need to do it again.

The steps below walk you through the process.

Step 1: Change Password in RapidIdentity

Start at the RapidIdentity Portal. This is our account management site.

Login using your current username and password.

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The first time you login you will need to provide responses for two of the ten challenge questions.

If you have already set your challenge questions or are done with step, you shoudl next go to the "My Staff Profile" tab.

Click on Change Password.

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Enter old password and new password (twice). Then click save.
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After completing these steps, you should get some prompts on your MacBook asking for your e-mail/network password (the new one).

If you do not get prompted, go to the Nomad menu and choose Quit. It should restart in a few seconds and show the "Password Changed" notification. Choose Sign In. (Not seeing this prompt? If you have "Do Not Disturb" for notifications set to "On", it won't pop up.)

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Again, this prompt wants the new password, the one you just set in RapidIdentity and that you would use for logging into resources like e-mail or Infinite Campus.
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This should be followed by a prompt for your old password. These steps finish the process of matching up your local (MacBook only) account with your e-mail/network account.
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Again: If you are not prompted with the screens above, click on the Nomad icon (the triangle with the checkmark in it) and choose Quit. This should force it to restart and show the password prompts.
Note that you'll commonly see requests/prompts for an updated password for other applications, such as Google and Outlook e-mail after you do a password change.

If you are using SabersWireless on a personal device, you'l likely need to "forget" that network and re-add it with your new password.

Student Password Notes

Usually we do a mass reset of student passwords toward the start of the school year. This year, we are only resetting passwords for students in 3rd through 6th grade. They will be set to the student default, which is: First name initial capitalized, Last name initial lowercase, followed by 6 digit birthdate (such as: Bd031673). This will happen the week prior to school starting.

Passwords for 7th-12th grade students are not being reset at this time.

PC-Only Users

If you use a PC exclusively, you will handle all password changes through RapidIdentity. After making a password change there, restart your PC and log in with the new password.

Personal Devices and iPads/Tablets

After a password change, remember that your password on other devices (such as e-mail on a personal phone) will need the password updated as well. Usually the device or app will prompt you for an updated password.

Additional Nomad Features

The Nomad menu also includes the following items:

  • Password expiration days remaining (when you get to about 60 days or less remaining, a reminder will show up next to the icon).
  • A shortcut to switch to the Lock Screen.
  • Links for Self Service and Help Desk.
  • A shortcut to your Home network drive (future versions may include additional network drive shortcuts; unfortunately it only supports one at this time).

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