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Noteworthy Dates

Ocean Week Planning Days - have fun and try some new tech.

Tuesday, March 25 - Administrators Walk Through

Thursday, March 27 - Staff Meeting

Thursday, March 27 - Carmel Creek Teachers visit

This Week...

Please ask your class to donate some pennies for the Ronald McDonald House.

Please ask your parents to donate to the Foundation for Learning Technology Pledge Drive. There is a link on our web sites and the letters were sent home last week. Thank you to those of you who have already included this in your newsletters.

Four Square - the Peaceful Playground way

We are having lots of issues during four square games. So we need to re-educate the students about the rules and will leave a copy of the rules from the Peaceful Playground rulebook. Please review these with your students and Sean will review them during PE as well. If there is a disagreement they must "walk, talk, or rock" to settle it and they can't "rock" every time they get out!

I saw Rina have two boys who couldn't seem to "rock" fairly, turn their backs to each other and say "1, 2, 3, show." Worked perfectly!