Charlotte Doyle

By: Aaron, Connie, Hannah, Travis, Sarah and Victoria



Charlotte Doyle is a teenage girl who is going across the Atlantic ocean to live with her family. the ship she is going on is called the Seahawk. She later on realizes that she is on a ship that no proper lady should be on. She also finds out that she is being watched by someone on the ship. She wonders who it was, but it still is a mystery.

Charlotte offers Ewing to get a new needle from his chest. When Charlotte gets there she finds a pistol and red robin, she reports it to Captain Jaggery. Cranick gets shot and Zachariah gets whipped and they are both thrown overboard. Then a little bit later a hurricane hits and Mr.Hollybrass is dead. Someone had killed him with Charlotte's dirk. Soon later she hears Zachariah and she is shocked.

Charlotte told Zachariah about Mr.Hollybrass's murder and she is being accused because he was murdered by Charlotte's dirk. Charlotte is put in court and questions were asked by Captain Jaggery. When the trial was over Charlotte was told she was going to be hanged. She told that to Zachariah and they made a plan. They found out Captain Jaggery was the one who killed Mr.Hollybrass and Jaggery died because he had fell into the ocean. Charlotte got home and her dad had found out about what had happened. At the end Charlotte goes back to the ship with Zachariah!


Charlotte Doyle

  • Pretty (P.109 "'A pretty girl.'"
  • Brave (P.106 "' To be one of the crew.'")
  • Self-Centered (P. 23 "' I don't need a friend.'")
  • Mannered (P.7 "' Please to meet you.'")


  • Patient (P.22 "Zachariah was waiting patiently.")
  • Friendly (P.22 "'Zachariah can be a fine friend.'")
  • Old (P.31 "...Zachariah's ancient black face...")
  • Helpful (P. 86 "Zachariah slip from the frozen tableau and move toward the fallen man.")

Captain Jaggery

  • Violent (P. 37 "He was that much beaten by Captain Jaggery.")
  • Gentlemen (P. 27 "...I saw it in a glance-was a gentlemen.")
  • Brilliant (P. 49 "Captain Jaggery is a brilliant sun.")
  • Precise (P. 45 "'I am a punctilious man...'")

Figurative Language

  • "A sigh escaped my lips at the glimpse of another world'' (P57 Metaphor)
  • "Never mind that my fine hair must have been hanging like a horse's tail..." (P49 Simile)
  • "It was Mr.Hollybrass, peering at us from behind his shaggy brows like some spy..." (P39 Simile)
  • "....Coming up each time with foam streaming like a rapid dog..." (P127 Simile)
  • "Captain Jaggery was a brilliant sun and I, a Juno moon...." (P49 Metaphor)
  • "His arms and legs were as thin as marlinspikes." (P20 Simile)
  • "His face, as wrinkled as a crumpled napkin....." (P20 Simile)
  • "Beyond the sails stretched the sky itself, as blue as a baby's bluest eyes...." (P25 Simile)
  • "Not even the same lowering mist I'd observed when I first came from my cabin could dampen my soaring spirits." (P49 Personification)
  • "As the bow dipped, this open beak dropped and dropped again into the sea....." (P127 Refrain)
  • "The cloud cover should be breaking soon....." (P49 Personification)
  • "Everywhere I looked I saw mountains of rare golds piles high. Bales of silk and tobacco! Chests of tea! A parrot! A monkey! Oh yeas, the smell of the sea was intoxicating....." (P8 Imagery)
  • "It seemed a million years ago, yet no time at all...." (P140 Hyperbole)

Plot Map

Point of View: 1st Person


  • Setting: Docks of England
  • Situation/Climate: Charlotte needs to go to America to be with her family.
  • Main Characters: Charlotte Doyle, Captain Jaggery, Zachariah, Mr. Hollybrass, and Cranick.


  • Charlotte gets on the ship while the other passengers couldn't.

Rising Actions

  1. Charlotte is given a dirk by Zachariah.
  2. Charlotte shows the dirk to Captain Jaggery.
  3. The crew tells Charlotte about the Captain. (Not in a good way.)
  4. Charlotte finds the pistol and round robin inside Ewing's chest.
  5. Cranick and Zachariah are beaten, Cranick dies and is pushed overboard.
  6. Mr. Hollybrass is killed during the storm.
  7. Charlotte is accused of the murder.
  8. Captain Jaggery puts Charlotte on trial.


  • Zachariah and Charlotte have a plan to keep Charlotte from being hung.

Falling Action

  • Captain Jaggery is dead.
  • Charlotte is now safe and alive.
  • Charlotte arrives home and goes to her family.


  • Charlotte went back on the ship.


Be careful what your do and who you trust!



  • "The more Zachariah talked the more convinced I was that his rambling chatter was meant to keep us from the crucial question......" (P156)