Top 5 Video Games Of 21st Century


To start off Call Of Duty: Ghost was a good game good graphics and was a hit for starting off the next gen consoles (xbox one and ps4) it had a strange campaign and the multiplayer wasn't bad either but it had the same concept as other cod games and same as last years game: Black ops II. I give it a 5
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#4 Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1943 is one of the best games ever played with a great concept of war and is fought on Islands in the year 1943. It is a multiplier game joining squads and using vehicles such as planes cars and ships. It shows some history the teams are U.S v.s Japanese. But the game would be better with other teams I give it a 4
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Minecraft a game based on the brain and creativity. The game is to basically build things and show them off to your friends (Creative Mode). Or you can do it slowly and fight off monsters and mine for coal and gold to make youtr house. You can play on the pc and on the xbox 360. You can play with oher people
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