2nd Grade Scoop


No School Monday

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is this Monday, January 18th. In observance of this holiday, there will be no school. School will be in session again on Tuesday, January 19th.

End of the 3rd 6 Weeks

Today, Friday, January 15th, is the last day of the 3rd 6 weeks. On Tuesday, we will start the 4th 6 weeks. Thursday report cards will go home. The start of the next weeks also marks the start of the 2nd semester.

Jackets Needed!

We are still going outside for recess, even though it is colder out. We can go outside as long as it is above 35 degrees with the wind chill. If the temperature permits, we go outside. It is important that your child wear a warm jacket. If they don't bring a jacket, they will not be allowed to go outside because we don't want any students getting sick.

DRA is underway!

Our middle of the year benchmark reading tests are just about complete. You will soon be informed of your child's reading level, so be on the look out for your student's updated reading level. For Dual Language students, we have started our Spanish middle of the year testing. We should take about 2 weeks to get the tests done. We'll be sending home DRA and EDL once all the testing has been completed.


During the lessons this week, the students used the make-ten and double strategies effectively. We believe that if they have grasped this concept now, then later in the upper grades, the students are not going to have a problem adding one or two digit numbers. Next week, the students are going to add two-digit numbers with bridging. The newsletter has examples the students are going to practice in the classroom. Please remind your child to practice their doubles and make-ten addition facts using the flashcards.

Vocabulary to remember:

addition, addition fact, addition sentence, doubles, doubles addition strategy, fact family, make ten, ones, part, place value, total, unknown part, subtraction, subtraction sentence.


Science has been a continuation of learning how we should take care of our earth by practicing the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We have been thinking, collaborating, and reflecting on our learning, and how we can apply this knowledge in our own lives.

Readers Workshop

This week in Reader's Workshop, we have been trying to solve a problem! We have noticed that there have been friends kindergarten through 5th grade that have been lonely, and it is hard to know if they need a friend to play with. To fix this problem, we have decided to build buddy benches on our playgrounds! This will be a long-term PBL that will take us through the spring. These benches will serve as a place for students who are lonely to go when they need someone to play with. They will also serve as a place for students to work out any problems or issues they have on the playground.

Guided Reading Books

Please help us by helping your children to return all guided reading books. We typically give out 2 books per week to each child. So we need 2 books returned to us weekly. Thank you for your assistance in this area of need.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop this week we reviewed the characteristics of a personal narratives. A personal narrative is: a story, focused on a small moment, about me, organized with a beginning, middle, and end, real and believable, and entertaining. We put these characteristics to action by writing about a time when we faced a challenge. Ask your child about the challenge they wrote about.

Social Studies

This week we reviewed the national holidays that we studied last week. With each holiday, we have studied how it started, the importance of it, and how it is celebrated.