Module one lesson two assignment 2

Cole Woodson

Why did they go west?

They went west for the California gold rush and the Comstock load. They did this because they felt there was prosperity to be had. IF they were able to accrue a great amount of currency from mining and selling the gold and silver they would be in a very good situation for their life.
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The Indian battles.

The sand creak massacre was a tragedy to the Indians. Between 70 and 136 died. This was not a good time in the history of America. The battle of wounded knee was worse. Over 200 Indians died for no good reason. They were peaceful, but they their peace away. The battle of little bighorn. Custer died in this battle and thus it was named "Custer's last stand". This was a major battle in the history of North America.
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Dawes Act

The Dawes Act tried to Americanize Indians. It attempted to do this by helping them to be equal. They thought that the only way to get them out of poverty was to make them alike the others culture. They believed that because most other people were not in poverty that it was because of their culture.
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Century of Dishonor

This book was written by Helen Hunt Jackson. This is a book about the unfair treatment of the Indians. The government has been treating them unfairly for a long time.
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