The Eager Eagle

Weekly Memo for Parents/Guardians

Week of April 27-May 1

Office Hours

In order to practice social distancing, our office will be locked. Please make an appointment prior to coming to the school. Our office hours will be 8:00 am-2:00 pm.

Daily Schedule

Thank you for ALL you do for your child(ren)! The teachers have ensured the content of their Google Classrooms will take no more than 3 hours a day to complete. When not working on the computer, play outside, color a picture, or read a good book!

Activity Alert: Bird Feeder

This week's activity is a bird feeder! This is for PreK-5th grade students!

When: Tuesday, April 28, 2020 @ 10:15-10:40 am
Bus circle at South Elementary

See you there!


I will continue posting daily announcements. The YouTube channel is: I will also post the announcements to Facebook. Students will continue to hear birthdays and other shout outs that we do daily. Please encourage your child to watch the announcements with me and continue their school routine.

Weekly AR Goals

These are the weekly AR goals for each grade level!

Kindergarten--3 points

1st grade--4 points

2nd-5th grades--5 points

AR Classes of the Week:

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Virtual Spirit Week:

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Breakfast AND Lunch for Our Students

Don't forget that our schools are serving lunches to students on school days! There are different stops around Okeechobee. The students will also receive breakfast for the next day when picking up lunch! Please see the scheduled stops below!
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School Lunch Hero Day

Please join me in thanking our amazing cafeteria staff for all they do for our children!

~Ms. Michele, Mrs. J, Mrs .Rosa, Mrs. Valerie~

Supply Pick Up

We will invite you the week of May 4 to our bus circle to collect your children's supplies. Staff will work on collecting and labeling supplies this week.

Order a Yearbook!

Go to this website: to order your yearbook! Orders are due April 30!

Thank You

Thank you to our students and parents for working so tremendously hard during this difficult time. We recognize many of you work and appreciate you continuing to support our school and your child's education. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

We are sending giant air hugs to all of our students!

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