Welcome to Earth!

By: Dakota Koenigsknecht

Mt. Everest's opportunities and obstacles.

Do you want to know more about Mt. Everest and the opportunities and obstacles of Mt. Everest?
Opportunities ~~~~~~Obstacles

1) Hiking ~~~~~~~~ ~~1) Can't farm

2) See lots of Nepal ~~2) Can't build easy

3) No flooding ~~~~~~3) Air thin

Nile river's opportunities and obstacles.

Now you know more about Mt. Everest lets learn more about the Nile River.
Opportunities ~~~~~~Obstacles
1) Fishing ~~~~~~~~~~1) Could flood
2) Food/fish ~~~~~~ ~~2) Typhoons
3) Tourism ~~~~~~~~~3) Deadly animals

Marco islands, Florida's opportunities and obstacles.

This is a island in Florida and I am here to tell you about it.
Opportunities ~~~~~~Obstacles
1) Fishing ~~~~~~~~~~1) May flood
2) Food/fish ~~~~~~ ~~2) Deadly animals
3) Tourism ~~~~~~~~~3) Hurricanes

We divide earth into...

~~~~We divide earth into countries because we have to look at maps and figure out where in different countries to get specific stuff. Like food.
~~~~We also divide the earth into climates because if it is winter don't we want to be some where nice and hot, well there you go look on a climate map and go to that place.
~~~~We also divide the earth into regions because where would we find the desert on map if we didn't divide the earth into regions?

Places you should visit are.....

New York - Statue of liberty
Paris - Eiffel tower

Oregon - Crater lake National park

Travel tip for Mt. Everest.

Outdoor gear
Snow gear
Lots of clothes
Go during day
Tent to stay night Mabye

Travel tip for Nile River.

Go during day
Bring beach stuff
Bring some stuff to go on cruse

Pack for hotel

Travel tip for Marco islands, Florida.

Go during day
Pack to go to hotel
Be prepared to see beautiful views
Bring beach stuff

Packing list to go to Mt. Everest.

Water bottles
Lots of clothes
Winter suit
More clothes
And more

Packing list to go to Nile River.

Flip flops
Lots of clothes
Sun glasses
Beach stuff

Packing list to go to Marco islands, Florida.


Sun glasses
Flip flops
Something to do
Bathing suit