The Mortal Instruments

Book vs Film

The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones

This book is about a girl (Clary) who discovered that her mum is a Shadow Hunter who kills demons. When his mum is kidnapped, she met other shadow hunters and started to look for the man who had her mum. At the same time, the book tell us the love story between Clary and a Shadow Hunter, and how this love makes troubles between their respective best friends.

Book vs Film

In the film, there aren't many things that are very important in the book:
  • In the book, one character becomes a rat, but in the film not
  • In the book, the bad of the story have a son, that is the boy who fell in love with Clary. But in the film, he hasn't got any son, he only tell to the boy that is his son, but it's a lie.
  • For the role of a boy of 18 years old, producers took a men of 28

My Opinion

I really enjoy reading the book and when I first saw the film I didn't like. But the second time I see it, I like it.
In my opinion, if you don't think on the book when you are watching the film. you will enjoy it more than if you are comparing it with the book