Summer RA Training

Worcester State University


We hope that you are all enjoying the start to your summer. It might feel like you just left, but that is mostly because you did! We hope you are all as motivated and excited as we are! This newsletter will attempt to answer any and all questions you may have, but if not please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email!

We have been hard at work hard planning a great kick off to our new summer training schedule!

See you on the 31st!

Your Super Excited Residence Life Staff

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What is expected of me?

*Attend all training sessions * Be respectful and courteous in all presentations, whether given by department staff or outside presenters. You are a role model and represent Residence Life to students, other staff, and community members * Actively engage in training sessions. Be alert and attentive to presenters and activities. Don’t be disruptive. Wait until after training sessions to have all non-training-related conversations * Be on time to all training sessions. *

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Tell Me All The Things...

Move In: Tuesday, May 31 9:00am to 1pm

This will be the true story of 47 staff members, picked to be RAs and to live together on the same floor in Wasylean (yeah AC!) during June training. Find out what happens… Oh wait, that’s the Real World!

Just wanted to remind you what June training will be all about, which is team building! This part of training will focus on connecting with everyone on staff and polishing those amazing leadership skills each of you already have!

Don’t worry we will provide you with a training schedule when you arrive to check into that will tell you when and where you need to be each day.

We will be in training from May 31st - June 3rd around 7pm. All RAs are REQUIRED to attend all training sessions. Please be aware that each training days schedule will vary. We expect that once you arrive to training you will have no plans to be anywhere but attending sessions during the day and attending evening activities with the staff at night.

Meals: Residence Life will provide all meals during training sessions. Please note that for June training breakfast, lunch and dinners are mandatory for all staff members.

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We are heading out on a field trip— for 1 OVERNIGHT! We will be traveling to Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT bright and early on Thursday, June 2nd.

We will be engaging in training sessions including a Low/High Ropes training course and other teambuilding and training sessions/activities. We will have the opportunity to swim, kayak/canoe, do some bow n arrow shooting, as well as climb a huge climbing tower!

All of our meals will be provided at the campsite mess hall. The Pro-Staff has planned some activities that include swimming time, fire side activities, and free time for you to bond with your fellow staff members and Pro-Staff.

SNEAKERS are required for all activities.

Every year at camp we participate in an activity called “My Proudest Moment”. Please plan on bringing an item or a story to share with the group. The purpose of this activity is to share something that means a lot to you. We want this experience to help us get to know ever other better and be a positive end to our first day at camp!

Camp Woodstock has a lodge that will accommodate us all!

You will need to bring the following items:

* Bedding * Pillows * Fans
* Flashlight * Bathing suits/towels * Change of clothes
* Toiletries * Board Games * Bug Spray
* Sunscreen * Phone Charger * Shower Shoes

Returners Only

We are looking to you to help us to facilitate team builders with our 2016-2017 RA staff! Please tell us your top three team builders you would like to do for June Training!
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NEW RAs - Strengths

Please follow the instructions below to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and discover your strengths.

1. Visit

2. Copy and paste the access code PC72MW62QT55AN77 into the available field, and then click Continue.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a Gallup Strengths Center account.

4. Once registered, you will be able to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment.

Please give yourself 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete it.

After you complete the assessment, I will be able to view your results to coach you in strengths development. If you do not want to share your results with me, please view the Gallup Strengths Center Help page at for specific instructions.

By applying your access code, you’re entitled to a free copy of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 e-book, which will help you understand the StrengthsFinder assessment and the 34 themes. To download the e-book, sign in to your account and click Download My E-Book on your dashboard.

If you encounter issues with your access code, please contact me. For all other issues, please view the Gallup Strengths Center Help page.