Garrett Morgan

By:Shania Outlaw

Background Information

Garrett Morgan was born in Paris,Kentucky on March 5th. Garrett`s parents were former slaves. Garrett Morgan worked making sewing machines and making clothing. Later Garrett Married Madge Nelson then he got a divorce two years later. Then one year after that he married Mary Hassock and had three sons. 1910 he started making the Gas Mask and he had his brother help him with it. Garrett Morgan after a long life died in 1963.

Important Inventions and other Accomplishments

Garrett Morgan invented the Gas Mask in 1910. Garrett Morgan invented the Traffic signal in 1918.. The first Gas Mask was used during World War one. The first Traffic signal was used in 1923. later when no one would use his gas mask he worked for the local Newspaper he had thirty-two men working for him. Garrett Morgan heard that people needed his Gas Mask when a underground gas fire started and he saved the two people that were trapped in it when everyone saw that they survived they were amazed after that he got a medal from it. Morgan was the first African Amarican to own a car in that time. His first Traffic signal was used in 1923 when too many car accidents were happening. In 1930 everyone knew who Garrett Morgan was because of his iventions.