Missy (Melissa) Franklin

The start to the finish

The Start To The Finish

Melissa Jeanette Franklin also known as Missy Franklin was born on May 10, 1995. She was born in Pasadena, California but was raised in Centennial, Colorado. When she started swimming at age 5 she immediately got her nickname Missy the Missile from her dad. This name stuck with her because of how fast she swam. Her mother was scared of swimming, so she made sure Missy learned to swim at age 5 so she didn't struggle with the same fear. She then qualified for the Olympics in 2012 at age 17. Franklin won four gold medals and one bronze in London.


  • She travels with Pascal, her teddy bear
  • As a kid she was afraid of Santa Claus and E.T. when she was little
  • She screams when she sees a moth or spider
  • She wants to be on dancing with the stars
  • She only has one tattoo and it is of Olympic rings
  • She doesn't like red meat
  • She swum with dolphins twice
  • She studied Marine Biology in college
Missy Franklin Win's 100m Backstroke Gold - London 2012 Olympics