Room 603 Update

April 4, 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a great Spring Break. We're ready to jump back into our work here!

----- Next 2 Weeks at a Glance: -----

What We're Studying:

April 4-8

  • Language Arts - Main Idea and Figurative Language
  • Math - Perimeter & Polygons
  • Writing - Opinion Writing
  • Social Studies - Government & US History
  • Other - The 7 Habits review

April 11-15

  • Language Arts - Poetry and Figurative Language
  • Math - Polygons & Quadrilaterals
  • Writing - Opinion Writing
  • Social Studies - Government - Three Branches

What We're Doing:

April 4-8

  • Monday - Drama
  • Wednesday - PE
  • Thursday - Science
  • Friday - Flag Salute

April 11-15

  • Monday - Art
  • Tuesday - Spring pictures!
  • Wednesday - No PE
  • Thursday - Music
  • Friday - Country Fair Kick-off!

Class Calendar:

--------Volunteer Schedule--------

--------- Announcements ----------

Living History

One of the most exciting and anticipated experiences of 3rd grade is coming up soon. This month students will be choosing an American Hero to study and in the beginning of May they will present their research in a Living History Museum. I will be sending out a lot more information about this project soon, but this week students will start the process of choosing their research subject.

Students can use this ThingLink to help learn some information about some of the options.

--What's Been Going on in Rm 603--

Party Time!

The week before break we had our Spring Class Party! The kids had a blast playing some Minute to Win It games
Minute to Win It!

AR Challenge

Our very own Tiffany got to participate in the schoolwide AR Student/Teacher Relay race the day before break. It was a blast!

Kindness Spirit

Students participated in Kindness Week with some pretty groovy outfits

Thank you!

- Miss Roy