Devon's Bucket list

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Free Falling

I want to free fall in the Grand Canyon. It is in Arizona, United States. It was made by the Physical Weathering by the Colorado River for millions, and millions, and millions of years (by water)
Girl Gets Pushed Off Canyon

Go Swimming

Swimming is fun. Beaches are all around the world, but mostly on the coast lines, were the ocean water meets the land. The sand is formed by Rocks being Weathered by the ocean water making the rocks really small, so the rocks are then classified as sand.
The Formation of Beaches

Looking at the ocean Formation

It is located in the ocean, anywhere off the coast line. It is made by water phischaly weathering away.

White water kayacking

I want to go kayaking. The water makes paths so the water goes fast. This is formed by weathering rock and then the water moves it away by erosion.
Magical White Water Kayaking the Rio Baker in Patagonia, Chile - Kayak the World, Ep 1