Christianity's followers are christian


Central teachings/ beliefs

Prayer, Sabbath is the day of rest on Sunday. Trinity Father, Son-Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit.

Declaration of Faith: Sacrifice thru atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died for sake of man's sin and rose three days later.

Sacraments and traditions

Baptism marks Christian's entrance into church

Holy Communion= sharing bread and wine to remember Jesus's last super.

Place of worship

The church is Christians place of worship and that is were Christians worship Jesus christ

Worshship Leaders

Many titles, including minister, preacher, priest , pastor.

Church hierarchy can include titles such as bishop, cardinal, pope.

Holy Book

Holy Bible: Old testament= Hebrew bible; New testament = Gosple(the story of Jesus' life and teachings and spread msg by apostle.

Holy Days/ Holidays

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter is the celebration of when Jesus comes back to life by rising to the heavens.

Holy City

For Christians, Jerusalem holy sites include the church of the Holy Sepulcher(the site of Jesus' crucifixion)

Additionally , Bethlehem is the site of Jesus' birth.

Common Figure


View of god