Period 2 1607-1754

Langton Holmes 1/5/16

John Smith and the Jamestown Colony


Many English men were seeking more land, more freedom, and a lot more gold. These few things influenced the migration of many people to colonial North America and establish the first permanent colony which was Jamestown.

Three types of Colonies

The Headright System

In the early years, Virginia tried to attract more settlers to the New World with a system called the headright system. The Virginia colony offered 50 acres of land to each immigrant that paid their own passage to the New World and any plantation owner who paid an immigrant's passage.

Institution of Slavery

  • Increased Demand- Factors, such as reduced migration, which allowed for the need for slaves; the colonies were also looking for a dependable workforce after Bacon's Rebellion so that they would have complete control over the institution; and lastly the need for cheap labor to grow the profitable crops on large amounts of land.
  • Slave Laws- As the number of slaves increased, white colonists adopted laws to ensure that the slaves would always be under their control and held so that they maintained the slaves workforce for life.
  • Triangular Trade- As the slave trade became more significant, the idea of triangular trade where merchant ships would regularly flow in a three part trade route between the New World, England, and Africa.
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Slavery was a labor system that was developed in the New World due to the Native Americans dying off and a need for workers to work the labor intensive crop fields. Slavery helped define the agrarian economy in the early years of the 13 colonies.


This political cartoon shows how the culture throughout the Africans Nations have been spread out through slavery. Triangular trade specifically helped this happen through the transporting and selling of slaves which spread to cultures to the New World and also England.

The Zenger Case

Lesson 2.2: Important Events-Zenger Trial