Curran Events

Conference Week 11.16.15

Read and Feed

Our Read and Feed was such a fun and successful event. Kids greatly enjoyed having the day to dive into adventures, read nonfiction texts and simply read. It was a great space to encourage reading and promote healthy ready habits. Thanks to all who brought snacks and were excited about this event!

Things to know for Conference Week

  • School ends at 1:00 everyday.
  • No homework this week
  • Students will be your "teacher" at conferences. They will be demonstrating their learning and showing you their work at different stations. One of the stations will be with me, where we will go over the report card.


We began studying Physical Science this past week. Please ask your student to stand perfectly still and ask them to tell you what two forces are at work on them while they stand. You can also ask them to try and walk without using any levers - hopefully you get a good laugh out of it!

Ventriloquist Club

This week we are sending home permissions slips to join the 2016 Ventriloquist club. If your student is interested in attending, please fill out the permission slip and have it returned ASAP!