Atomic Mass : 35kg

Symbol : Vi

Discovered by : Mr. Vo and Mrs. Nguyen

Occurrence : Rich deposits found in front of the television. Low deposits found near school.

Physical Properties

Surface is smooth, black hair with dark brown eyes.

Boils when bothered by others.

Melts when given a assignment.

Can cause harm if not fed properly.

Specimens can be found in various states.

1. Happy - when given gifts.

2. Scared - when there is no food.

3. Nervous - when there is a test.

4. Angry - when failing.

Becomes stubborn and unyielding when told to do something I don't want to.

Chemical Properties

Is repelled by fake personalities and liars.

Is attracted to funny people

May explode if irked by lies.

Requires unlimited amounts of internet access

Is Inert if found sleeping

Will repel if told lies

Is impervious to mustard