Collection Evaluation and Weeding

History (920-929) by Tonya C. McKinnie

Topic Area and Justification

I am currently the media specialist at Morgan Road Middle School in Hephzibah, Georgia. The section I chose to weed is the history section (920-929). I chose to weed this section because our test data shows that our students consistently scores low in the area of social studies on stardardized test. For this reason, I would like to focus on the history section of the library to make sure that I am offering books that can be used to strengthen students' level of comprehension and increasing lexile levels. I have about 153 books in this section.
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Evaluation Based on Data

After using my school's test data and school's academic goals determining the section I wanted to weed, I then took a closer look at the 900 section. I noticed the physical condition of some of the books. Then I noticed how dated some of the books were. Because I work in a middle school, I was surprised to see that some of the books appeared to be for elementary aged children. After taken a physical look at the section, I logged into my management system, Destiny. After creating a report to get a snapshot of my target section, I was able to see the dates of publication and lexile and/or reading levels of the books. My initial thought was to get rid of all books with a lexile level under 850, 5th grade mastery. But not all of our students read on grade level. But I had to make sure that I there were meaningful readings in the media center to accommodate general education as well as special education students not reading on grade level. So, my 850 lexile level target is not realistic. My next approach to weeding was to consider books that were obviously dated. Both students and teachers expressed concerns about the age of some of the books in the media center. I continued to examine the report to determine the actual dates of the books in the collection. The majority of the books in this section were dated between 1970-1999, but I thought that would be too many to weed at one time. So, I decided to consider weeding the books dated between 1970-1979. I found seven books dated in this decade. I decided to continue the collection mapping process using these seven books.
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Evaluation Based on Curricular Needs

The test data of Morgan Road Middle School suggests that our students do not meet academic standards in the area of social studies. For this reason, I would like to make sure that the history section in the library is relevant, fitting and attractive to middle school students. After completing several data digs, the leadership team at Morgan Road concluded that our students struggle with unpacking informational text/non-fiction reading. Students will not check out books that are obviously dated and not providing current, relevant information. Georgia performance standards include the unpacking of informational text for middle school students in the area of social studies.

Items to be Weeded

I decided to weed the seven books previously stated based on the fact that they are weeded and are likely not get valuable circulation time. I checked the circulation of these books and neither of them were checked out consistently since 2010.

The upstairs rooom

Call #: 921 Rei Reiss, Johanna.

Published 1972

Reading Level: 5.9 Interest Level: 5-8

Lexile: 380

And then what happened, Paul Revere

Call #: B REV Fritz, Jean.

Location: Library Media Center

Published 1973

Reading Level: 4.7 Interest Level: 3-6

Lexile: 830


Call #: 294.3 EDM Edmonds, I. G.

Series: A First book

Published 1978

The twenties; an illustrated history in colour, 1919-1929

Call #: 301.45 UNS Unstead, R. J.

Series: History of the modern world

Published 1973

Reading Level: 7.6 Interest Level: 5-8

On the banks of Plum Creek

Call #: F WIL Wilder, Laura Ingalls, 1867-1957.

Location: RCBE

Published 1953

Reading Level: 5.0 Interest Level: 3-6

Accelerated Reader® Level: 4.6 / 8.0 pts.

Lexile: 720

Cradle of civilization,

Call #: 913.35 Kra Kramer, Samuel Noah, 1897-

Series: Great ages of man: a history of the world's cultures.

Published 1967

Reading Level: 8.8

The Colony of Georgia

Call #: 975.8 VAU Vaughan, Harold Cecil.

Series: A First book

Published 1975

Interest Level: 3-6

Disposal Process

The policy for discarding books for Richmond County is to contact the textbook manager. To complete my weeding process, I contacted Thad McKinnie, textbook manager for Richmond County Schools and told him that I need to weed or discard library books and textbooks. District policy is that the textbook manager brings in a recycle bin to place the discarded books. I placed the discarded library books in the bin along with the textbook and the bin is awaiting pickup from the district's maintenance department. After the recycle bin is picked up, the books are taken to the excess property warehouse.
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